Creative Director/

Graphic Designer


Suzanne is a Brooklyn-based designer interested in the ways graphic design can create clarity, spark curiosity and generate wonder. She’s passionate about color, photography, illustration and language. She’s committed to strategically shaping stories with intention and an eye for beauty.

She was influenced by the vibrancy and free spirit of her childhood home in Brazil, with its tropical palettes and an affinity for pleasure. Her personal sensibility is connected to nature from her time spent dodging snakes in the Amazon and jumping waves in the Atlantic. She developed a love for architecture and history as a middle schooler in London. In San Francisco, she studied design at the California College of the Arts, where she learned to prototype ideas and speak design.

Hi! I'm SuzannePhoto by Julia Hembree 





For Antonie

de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince is the first book that I remember reading on my own. It astonished my seven-year-old self, giving me a lifelong love of reading. It also showed me that cultivating imagination, noticing beauty, and tending to love are just as vital to our survival.

Suze when she was 7 years old
Holding a baby chick in Brasilia.


The work displayed in this portfolio was selected to show a range of design sensibilities. For more recent work, please visit Behance. Suzanne is currently the Creative Director at Dwell Magazine, a home design and architecture media company.

Suze's photo journal

“Let the beauty
we love be
what we do

There are
hundreds of ways
to kneel & kiss
the ground.”



The book covers shown here were photographed by Andrew McCaul, who kindly applied his craft and care to each shot. Thank you to the many colleagues, photographers, illustrators, and trusted editors -those savants of written word, who helped make the work the best it could be.

The same applies to the friends who patiently caught typos, awkward sentence structures, and muddled ideas. You know who you are.